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25 Top Ideas for “What To Do” in Wallowa County

Wallowa Lake – a great place for the entire family. 这里是瓦洛瓦湖缆车的所在地. Howard (8,150’).  美丽的瓦洛瓦湖,鹰帽荒野和七魔鬼的壮丽景色.  Wallowa Lake Tramway, (541) 432-5331.

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Explore Our Towns

If you enjoy historic buildings and interesting main streets; ask about the self guided centennial tour pamphlets of each town in the Wallowa Valley: Enterprise, Joseph, Lostine and Wallowa.

Our Heritage

要获得真正独特的体验,请参观位于农场的古董拖拉机展览.  Located on Alder Slope, outside of Enterprise, is Oregon's largest collection of historic, restored tractors and other pioneer treasures.  Open 12 months by appointment. Sunrise Iron, (541) 426-4407.

Auto Tours

Hells Canyon Scenic Byway is Oregon's top byway.  风景优美的远景,如地狱峡谷观景台和Hat Point瞭望台(附带旅行),可以看到48个州最深的河流峡谷. It's spectacular!   其他“不容错过”的当地景观包括巴克霍恩、红山和约瑟夫观景台.

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Outdoor Recreation

Wallowa County is a hiker’s paradise.  绵延数英里的小径适合各种类型的徒步旅行者,还有20多座海拔9000英尺以上的山峰.  西北森林荒野通行证需要鹰帽和地狱峡谷荒野.  

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Guides & Outfitters

当您的知识渊博的导游带您进行各种游览时,请坐下来放松一下. The Wallowa Land Trust and Wallowology both specialize in eco-tourism.  Hells Canyon, Zumwalt, Wallowa Lake Moraines, are among a few sites for visitors to learn the history, flora, fauna, geology, and lifestyle of Wallowa County.

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Winter in The Wallowas

整个瓦洛瓦州都是夫妻和冬季运动员的冬季天堂.  在这个偏远的地区,有很多最好的野外滑雪和雪鞋徒步的机会. The Wallowas –  famed for deep, dry, powder snow; offers backcountry skiers of all skill levels a memorable experience in the backcountry; from gentle touring to advanced telemarking.  It can be extreme and breathtaking.

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For More information contact:

Wallowa County Chamber, (541) 426-4622 or
Joseph Chamber,
Wallowa Lake
USFS Wallowa Mountain Visitor Center, (541) 426-5546 or
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, (541) 426-3279